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Nike Air Jordan XI " Space Jam" has been officially sold in the country, while in the United States also officially in the country for sale. But throughout the United States just coincides with the Christmas season, the best time is the majority of Americans traditionally buy a gift, so many fans braved the wind and snow shoes go over the shoe store, across the country are reported in order to Air Jordan XI " Space Jam" Wenfeng dragon team. However in Atlanta Foot Locker actually appeared to fall over each other to snatch their own purchased a pair of shoes, hyperbole will store the iron door torn. People could not help but think of that year Air Jordan XI for the first time in the United States also engraved local shooting, appeal to you many shoes please follow the rules to avoid regret the line.
pure white version of Nike Roshe One BR, breathable good.

actually, Xiao Bian wants to see the color you're wearing when you're walking down the street. Oh, hey hey,
Nike Roshe One BR

color: White / gray

number: 718552-110

offer price: $80
A sign for a run.

running group introduction:

Qingdao dawn run group was founded in June 2014, the main activity area in the whole area of Qingdao, run by personnel is widely distributed, mainly from Qingdao City, Licang district and Qingdao District, the five cities: Jimo, Huangdao, Chengyang, Laoshan and other regions. Run after the incorporation and actively organize everyone to participate in the morning run, run, all area groups according to the age and other factors, namely the establishment of the city, Jimo dawn, dawn Huangdao, Chengyang dawn, dawn dawn, Mei Lianzhong elderly Baishahe Li Ming footsteps, the Olympic Sailing Center, Bei'an tiger, dawn the dawn night running elite team. In the establishment of more than a year, the members of the organization had participated in the November 30, 2014 Qingdao half marathon in December 28, 2014, Ma high tech Zone Qingdao Vientiane walk 20 kilometers on foot, Qingdao 2015 New Year's day new cross-country race, the April 26, 2015 Dongying International Marathon, May 31, 2015 Qingdao half marathon, horse high tech Zone Lining 10K September 5, 2015, September 3, 2015 to commemorate the anti fascist National League the victory of the war of 70th anniversary the dawn about running, the September 19, 2015 world leisure sports meeting of Laixi International Marathon, September 20, 2015 Beijing International Marathon, October 1, 2015 "cheers for the motherland, the motherland to run about" National Day activities, the fitness team advocate into the dawn, ran out of the concept of health, advocate in their exercise at the same time, also wake up others exercise, through the angel of dawn every day A free public welfare wake-up call encourages early morning exercises to change lazy habits. All members of the group pass on a healthy life concept to others and benefit from others.

running group slogan:

walks into the dawn, running out of health!

fitness purpose:

adhering to the "old" for the world heart, for Shengmin destiny, to go to San following Juexue, open for eternal peace "essence, to awaken people into the dawn, to embrace the health, build Chinese dream, share the responsibility for a time of national peace and order.
And the introduction of
group ran flag:

(a) to Chinese red flag for the background, meaning we are living in a new era of peace and harmony, and red represents passion and full of movement, wake up and inspire people don't sleep late, to embrace the health into the dawn.

(two) "China · Qingdao" is the representative of Qingdao dawn tread running regiment.

(three) "the dawn" in "dawn" two words, means to start a new day, full of hope, "footsteps" two words slightly let people seem to hear the sound of running the other runners and their deformation and exaggeration, could not help but take a step towards Li Ming, embrace the health living together with you!
The main component of the
running group:


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